These two and their handsome daddy are my world. 


Big day for a little girl and her mama! First piggy tails! Just further proof she's growing far too quickly!


Happy 4th of July 
from our two little firecrackers! 


I cannot believe she is 6 months (ok actually almost 7) old! Half a year! Time is flying by far too quickly! Sometimes I still look down at her and can't believe i'm her mom! She has been such a wonderful blessing in our life! We love our sweet little, Nova! 


Little Miss Nova had her first big swim last weekend! She was very thoughtful about the whole thing- the first minutes she gave some very serious faces as if trying to figure it all out! For a few minutes she was perfectly content to float around in her daddy's arms then finally she started kicking those legs and enjoying the water! It's so fun to experience the world through a new pair of eyes. It amazes me how quickly they learn and grow! 

On a side note i'm guilty of using instagram to share our day to day events! But i've made a goal to use my "real" camera more often and therefore blog more. In the meantime time you can follow me on instagram here. 


After our wedding I had always dreamed of taking my wedding dress and making it into a blessing dress if we were lucky enough to have a little girl. Fast forward six years and my dream came true. My sweet aunt was kind enough to take apart my wedding dress and sew Nova a blessing dress. It turned out beautiful- the dress as made from the bottom half of my dress and she even transferred over some of the beading. Then I made a headband with some extra beading and dress material- she looked beautiful. She was given a wonderful blessing by her Daddy the first weekend in March. Afterwards we had breakfast at Grandma's for everyone who came to support us. I'm so thankful for this little girl. We are so grateful Heavenly Father trusted us with such a sweet little spirit. We feel so blessed that she is ours. 


So "Angry Bunny" on the right- is that not the cutest thing you've seen! Happy bunny is darling but angry bunny- well it just makes you happy! Anyways we had a wonderful easter! Our holidays have always been busy but adding in a baby makes things busier and even more fun! We enjoyed a quiet morning at home then later headed off to all the grandparents houses for dinner and egg hunting! Nova was of course spoiled rotten by all of her grandparents with an entire easter basket at each of their houses! And we are always grateful our parents still have adult easter egg hunts for us! And Thome of course was thrilled to go around collecting eggs and opening them before all the little ones could pick them up! 


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