The week in pictures....

For my birthday my sweet husband gave me a Nikon D-40 camera. I absolutely love it! It so fun to take pictures with, plus its really going to help me get my pet photography business off the ground. So since there is nothing exciting to blog about this week i thought I'd share the pictures I've been taking with my new camera.

Thome looking annoyed i'm taking his picture... again
A very cheesy Miss Myah
Visiting with Dad and Sybel
A sleeping Hank and Mia (you can tell Hank really neglects the puppy) haha

A very wet and ANGRY Gus

Gus mid-spin move. He's a dancing fool!

The new brown haired me

Cassie a little too excited for work!
The spud man on the trail for food.
Travis requested his picture on our blog so heres Mr. Batman himself.

Zak taking his trains as serious as always!

Thome trying with all his might to squeeze into Mia's bed.

Just can't quite fit...sorry thome.

Miles with his usual Sunday belly shirt on.

And after such a busy week Thome is all tuckered out.

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