Today we are grateful for our brothers Miles and Andy.......

So its my day off and i happen to pass my dad driving home from target and he calls and invites me for sandwiches at his house. We aren't there for 15 minutes when Andy calls to report him and Miles got in a accident on the way back to school. Some crazy lady pulled in front of them at a green light and they smashed front ends. Lucky for everyone no one was hurt. Miles had a pretty bad bloody nose from being hit in the face with the air bag but that was the worst of the damage. We all had to say good-bye to Andy's green car because its very doubtful that it will make a full recovery. Here are some pictures taken at the accident. Not the best because my phone was the only camera on hand. Most importantly we are just glad that Miles and Andy are okay. We love you both!


Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Whit I am so glad that they are ok! Car accidents are so scary! Wish them the best from us!!
we love you guys! we want to learn to play apple!!
come over!!

J.C. & Tiana said...

We too are so glad they are both ok. I'm glad you got some pictures and were able to be there for the boy's.


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