Lost they were... found they are...

While cleaning out my closet today (which has been long overdue) i came across my very oldest digital camera and out popped this memory card! These pictures are all at least three years old and it took me for a step back in time. It was great to relive all these old memories. (you'll notice my husband missing from all the pictures- he was busy serving a mission in Pittsburgh)

me and my brothers- at this point we are christmas tree shopping, but since my mom is the only one who ever picks the tree out we are entertaining ourselves elsewhere.
some of my favorite people and friends from viewmont (jenny, kristalyn and emily)

my grandma took the girls to mexico one year for a week long shopping and sun trip. it was grand!

heres my mom at the mexican zoo (yeah i know) she is being chasing by the pelican- as you can see me and carlee were too busy taking pictures to rescue her!

me and carlee-

me and emily and kristalyn

my one and only cross county skiing adventure- my dad got us a cross county teacher for the day (whom by the way was not that great because he forgot to teach us how to stop and we all ended up at the bottom of a hill in a giant pile) thanks dad it was fun!

me and trav

this was my baby girl gretchen. my very first dog love. still love her.

hot stuff! haha. on a snowmobile trip waiting for the machines to get fixed!

me and my dad on top of two tops mountain in montana- near west yellowstone

me and mom- in mazatlan

I'm positive that was much more entertaining for me than any of you but it was great to look at all the old memories!!


Lace said...

I enjoyed this trip down memory lane! I love to see your family. Don't see them enough.

T-Ray said...

I bet Mia would have loved Gretchen!


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