Camping.... for "reals"

As we were unloading our car (mud covered) from our weekend campout in the Unitas our neighbor all bright eyed and dazed exclaimed "Wow you really went camping for reals" Which evidently must mean we camping without bathrooms, showers, air mattress, nearby roads, rangers, trash cans, rvs, grass or anything with any bit of luxury. Yes we camped. And best of all it was actually fun!

Where we camped.... Lake Marshall aka turn off on mile marker 23 then drive 1 hour and 45 minutes on a dirt/rock infested road in the pitch black. (listen to whitney get extremely paranoided about falling off the edge of a cliff and the tires popping) Hike 10 minutes carrying all of your camping gear, go back and forth to the cars in large groups because we don't want to get lost like Nate and Amy. Leave all food in car because we don't want to get eaten by bears or cougars for that matter.

Our fellow campers. Three couples from my work. We were calling it our first annual animal medical clinic campout. haha. I told thome (our dog) that if he needed to injure himself on any of our campouts could he please do it on this one because he would have the care of two top notch vets on the scene. Luckily he didn't need it but it was sure nice knowing they were there.
Our home away from home.
Camp watchdog. Totally obsessed with the water and fish but absolutely hated climbing the rocks to get down to the water. He preferred a lookout spot.
Two very dirty friends. Having the time of their lives.

Fishing they tried. Four men and countless hours of fishing Nate was the only one with any luck. One little brook trout. Who became dinner.
The animal medical clinic gang.
Cassie, me, Dr. Ben, Dr. Amy
Thome "mountain dog" is his new name.
My oh so sweet husband surfing the logs after I once again got my spinner stuck in the moss. He is my hero! He, however was sick of fishing with me- after knotting up my line with every other cast.

Guarding the fishes.
Camp chief.
Here fishy fishy.
Here is the grizzly bear giving me the death stare cause i'm taking his picture.. again.

Cassie and mindy.

Cute little Fiona. Totally covered in dirt and totally loving it.

The very beautiful waterfall we stumbled upon while hiking.
We had a blast roughing it with everyone from work!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful place. i wanna go camping, we really should...all of us...you know like cousins and such!

Meg & Brad said...

Agreed - when are we going camping? It can only be for like one night if I seriously have to "rough it" though. I don't do the whole dirt thing. But I still think it would be fun to go!

T-Ray said...

I love it! I bet Thome had a blast. Mia would have gone nuts up there. She loves the lake here so she probably would have swam all weekend. She's crazy! We miss you guys.

rgodfrey said...

WHAT'S UP SPIT!?!? So good to hear from you. Your blog page is awesome!!! I am so glad you and Hank are doing well and enjoying life. Keep it up!! Thanks for reminding me about "dancers" :( They'll wise up as they get older...I hope. Good to hear from you!!


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