Let it begin....
we officially welcome the non-stop sunday night games. the yelling. fantasy football. sloppy joes. team bashing. jersey wearing. flag football. trash talk texting. football picks. nfl package.
super bowl sunday. 4 quarters of fun. its here. FOOTBALL SEASON! and we are ready.

and its favre for the jets. not to mistaken with the old favre for the packers.
make us proud!


The Uzelac's said...

Ummmm I'm pretty sure that you are every guy's dream wife. Hot, Fun, Smart, and a Foot baller to boot. You'z a freak Whit.

Brad & Meg said...

Too bad Brad doesn't have you for a wife! Back to back football Sunday's is almost a nightmare! I don't think I really exist when Sunday night football is on. Or Monday - or Thursday! Yeah - I'm not a huge TV sports fan. It's much funner to go in person!

Speaking of - we should plan a trip somewhere and get tickets to a game! No baseball - sorry.

Brent B. said...

Go Broncos!!!!!!

J.C. & Tiana said...

GO Giant's whit you can't be a jets fan... I am sticking with the crowd up here in NY and rooting for the Giants. There my new team not that i've ever had a NFL team my one and only team is the UTAH JAZZ!!!


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