carried away.

so we needed pictures for our christmas cards. took way too many. as usual. did i mention i'm in love with my tri-pod and remote. makes my life almost too simple. almost. now if could just find husband that doesn't begrudge my constant need for photos. he's just glad the sunset ended my rampage. much help is needed. i can't choose my favorites. tell me what you like- what you don't. and pretend when you get the christmas cards that you haven't seen the pictures.

love this one. although thome looks completely distraught.
this one or....
this one?
not my favorite
this setting looks much better in photoshop. the fuzziness is actually quite pleasing. come to think of it. the colors don't quite "pop" as well on the blog as they should. grrr

and the non fuzzy- cause it was bugging me.

not card worthy.
do enjoy this one.
funny how the most photogenic person in the family is infact the dog!

romantic but not for christmas-

cute but missing thome- need a good family shot

love the lighting.

more for my viewing enjoyment than yours. haha.

thanks for all the comments. (please do comment) WiLL WORK FoR COmMENTs. (truth)


Lace said...

A remote? I'm jealous! I love your photos! All of them! I love the one of just Thom, it should be on a greeting card or something... he kind of looks like a super hero! I think my very favorite is the second to last one. I think it's very striking! I really do love that one!

The Uzelac's said...

wit. you are so stinking talented. Any of those pictures would be totally worthy of a christmas card you dope. I totally agree with lace, you should photoshop a red cape on the one of thome, and make it into a thank you card with some catchy greeting inside like, "thanks for being so super" or something like that. You and hanky panky are so stinking cute. You'll make super model babies...get to it already.

Anonymous said...

i love them all...fuzzy and not fuzzy!! probably some of my favs are when you are on the large rock thing.
you have such awesome skills!

Meg and Brad said...

Totally awesome skills that I'm waiting to be used on me......any time now would be great!!!

I like "this one?" Yeah - and like all of them though!

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with the scarfs, But YOU MUST DO THE ONE SECOND FROM THE BOTTOM with Thome looking of into the distance and you and Hank looking madly in love!!
Your the best!!


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