as country as she gets.

in order for me to crave a successful jack-o-lantern. which i'm not really a great fan of ne-ways i must by all means must... wear gloves. i hate the goo, the seeds the texture but most of all the goo makes me itch like crazy. family tradition calls for drastic measures so i put my distaste for pumpkins aside, crave a jack-o-lantern and eat cinnamon rolls with my family every October. mine a simple longing for where i really want to be. my husbands- a man running for president. and before everyone freaks out we aren't huge obama supporters (we don't really like ether one of them) but he thought some might find it amusing to see the mans face in a pumpkin. the last picture. my extremely strange brother and his warped impression of the "greatest pumpkin ever". if who've met him you won't even give it a second thought. thanks mom and kerry for a fun night. and until we meet again next year.. farewell pumpkin goo.

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Anonymous said...

totally with you on the yucky pumpkin goo...and yes it makes me itch too! looks like fun though.


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