december 1963.

this post is everything december i haven't had time to post. i took my christmas tree down today and so i felt the need to post my christmas pictures so i can officially be done with the season. i'm tired- it truly wore me out this year. we had a wonderful christmas visiting all our families and spending time with each of them.

for our christmas pjs we got TAPS aka ghost hunters t-shirts.

christmas morning we had breakfast at my moms house- notice that giant green mess in the middle of the picture. well that is my sad attempt at a hutchins family tradition. the cinnamon roll christmas tree didn't look much like a tree but it sure tasted like a cinnamon roll. one out of two ain't bad.
the family. in efforts to smash them all into the picture i didn't realize i cut off husbands face. sorry husband.
thome got just what he wanted from santa. Mist- a border collies story. and yes he actually does watch tv- yes he is a bit odd- we know.
for husbands birthday we drove in this....to here. and had a wonderful time relaxing just the two of us.
on the way we came across this lovely little bridge. sorry about the taken from inside car photograph i wanted to stop but husband said that not really allowed on icy bridges or recommend for that matter.
husbands birthday- my brothers made themselves a human cake.
husband is a twin for those of you who didn't know. so every year we have twiner birthday parties- have two different cakes (peanut butter bars)- sing happy brithday twice- so here is husband and his twin sister surrounded by cute nieces and nephews helping blow the candles out. the tree.
my mom gives us new ordainment's every year- representing that year in our life. you could pretty much tell my life story with my ordainment's. this year- an SUV with dog. PERFECT!
one of my favorites. even if i don't really enjoy cats all that much.
this is what we girls do at temple square. waiting for men in the bathrooms.
this is what they do at the same spot in temple square every year. its where they met.

this is the results of the meeting in temple square. wow! one would have never guessed. heres wishing everyone had as wonderful christmas as we did.


Anonymous said...

how sweet! i love this post! sounds like december was busy, but good to you!

Mom said...

could Carlie please get a thing going with Tyson? Let me know ASAP. Love Aunt Karyn


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