its a love thing.

quoting from the ever wise keith urban "theres trouble in world but your the girl whose open arms are all i really need, so let them call us crazy but it can't be denied, baby its love a thing." these two are so incredibly in love- they were literally dripping with it. it was evident in everything they did. they are just like us- highschool sweethearts and then she waited for him while he was on his mission. wow it completely took me back. it was so fun to be around newly weds again. they were so adorable. thanks for trusting me with your big day. don't ever lose that crazy love thing feeling!

{love thing- keith urban}


Anonymous said...

love the song, love the pictures, love the emotion you captured, love it all!! stunning!

Travis and Tia said...

Love it Whit! Seriously, good job! They all look great! I love the one with Bonnie in front of the temple and her dress, the black and white!


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