feels good don't it.

well its official and it feels great! one of my stresses is gone! the dog that needs a little therapy himself is now certified to start giving therapy to others! yippy! me and thome completed our class and training to become certified with Intermountain Therapy Animals. today he passed his last test! he did great and everyone fell in love with him! I was so proud. Its been my goal to do therapy work since thome was a puppy. so now we get to work and start helping people. its all done on volunteer basis so once a week me and thome will go to primary children's to do physical therapy or visit kids in the burn or cancer unit. its absolutely amazing to watch the impact these dogs have on peoples lives. brings me to tears even thinking about it. i'm so very excited to start this new adventure and i'm so very proud of my boy!

{feels good don't it- brooks and dunn}


Lace said...

Wow! Whit, this is awesome! You are amazing! What a cool thing to do! Good for you and Thome! I am seriously so impressed!

T-Ray said...

I am so proud of both of you. I knew it would happen. You are going to bring joy to so many people.


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