come together.

come together- over him. he needs your votes. please please. we are using our extremely good looking dog to win us a vacuum that actually sucks! so go to HERE (or the icon on the side bar) and vote for him as the new face for bissel. you only have until the 17th. its quick and easy. and it would sure make us happy! plus he really wants to win. thanks a million!

p.s leave me a comment if you vote so i can send a thanks your way.

{come together-aerosmith}


Anonymous said...

ah, he is the cutest for sure!! i voted...hope you win!!! best of luck!

HeidiPorter said...

definitely voted. very cute!
also we are thinking of starting a photo club to get together and share what we have learned. If you are interested let me know.

Meg and Brad said...

I voted for me and Brad, and a couple other names from alternate e-mails we have! so - count us in for at least 5!!

T-Ray said...

I so voted. And I didn't even hesitate. The dog is so stinkin' photogenic its sick. Love you Thome. Good luck with the bissell :)

Luke & Natalie said...

i voted for thome, hope he wins

Anonymous said...

please...jack won...humph! i guess he must have a lot of family or folks in his corner, cause he sure was NOT the best dog in my opinion!
i guess now thome can focus his efforts on more important things, like winning you money that you could use to buy a vacuum cleaner and a little something for your favorite cousin!


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