flags. food. fun. family. what more could one ask for on the 4th of july. fireworks? nope not us- we successfully managed to escape the 4th of july without witnessing 1 firework. and hey we not complaining, we were both kinda over the firework thing this year. maybe we will catch one on the 24th. we relaxed and had a very low key day. no crowds, parades nothing. it was wonderful. just a simple bbq with the family.
yummy. i must say tia that was quite a salad. i'm still thinking about it.

miles and carlee.

while the drover was working the morning away i finally got around to planting some flowers in our yard. making our house feel more and more like home.


mr. dog enjoying the badminton game. and feeling quite patriotic in this bandanna.
mr. dogs paw

the badminton game. with all the boys... excuse me- men in our family things get quite heated quite quickly so i choose to stay behind my camera.

remember when you were little and had to put your feet in the middle to choose teams. well that happens to be a frequent activity at our family outings. "bubble gum bubble gum in a dish how many pieces do you wish...."
{firecracker-josh turner}

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