winner at a losing game.

i know people love golf. drover happens to be one of those people. see i played soccer and it seems any sport that involves my hands just isn't for me. i don't mind golf but i get bored quickly and start inventing new ways to use the club and start trying left handed clubs etc. so this is why i don't often play golf. but this weekend was an exception- it was the first annual cole family golf tournament. guess who won? not me. of course it was drover. he is a really good golfer. and he looks really good golfing. i was all goggly eyed watching him. we had fun golfing with the whole family. and yes there was an award ceremony to follow.

{winner at a losing game- rascal flatts}


Meg and Brad said...

FUN!! From the pics - it looks like you couldn't have been having more fun! Good tradition....I think I might take this up!

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Yeah well, Whit be glad that your husband lets you do things like this with him. My husband has been telling me he would give me a chance on the green for four years now. He also will not let me play co-ed softball! I am beginning to think he might get embarrassed!
I will golf with you and Hank from now on...
Great pics!!

Tia said...

Yikes, your camera is WAY too good! You get all the good AND the bad. Oh well. That was fun!


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