me and my gang.

the drover and myself were sorely outnumbered this weekend. 16 paws to 4 feet. we were as so kindly put by elderly neighbor "dog babysitting". we got some strange looks when we walked all of them together. while we were at the park i attempted to get a picture of all four mutts for mia's mom. and as you can see my efforts didn't pay off so well. and please ignore mr. dogs eyes when he becomes focused on the ball that's all he can think about.

{me and my gang-rascal flatts}

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Bingham Family said...

Looks like you had your hands full, in a good way! It was good to run into you at Primary Children's. I think it is so neat that you go and volunteer there with your pup. I'm sure the kids just love it! Don't worry...I didn't have the swine, just a sinus infection. I also have to say that you are a very talented photographer. Love looking at your pics!


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