still feels good.
yes it is normal to take this many pictures of your dog. maybe not your normal but it is mine. every day i work with people who are just as nuts about their pets as i am so
i feel normal. and seeming as we don't have any children who else is going to accompany us on our adventures and be in the pictures with us. no one wants to say cheese all by themselves right? while this wasn't our typical trip to yellowstone we still had fun exploring some new places and enjoying time away together. special thanks to cody and nicole for putting us up for a night and feeding us some yummy cinnamon rolls. we ventured over to jackson hole then to grand teton national park and then finally back around to yellowstone to do the typical touristy things like watch old faithful (mr. dog loved it as you'll see) that we never do. heavy snow cut our trip a day short but it still was beautiful. p.s in one picture i have on short sleeves- don't let this fool you- it was cold but i had an unfortunate event involving mustard, my new sweatshirt, and camera strap that i'd rather not discuss.

{still feels good-rascal flatts}

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Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

We were glad to have you.. Your welcome anytime.. I love the pictures and the last one of Thome is my favorite. I can't wait for baby & belly pictures.
Lets plan it ok...
ps. Vicki said she might have an early Halloween for the kids since everyone will be different places on Halloween night, so you might just get your Halloween photo shoot with the kids!


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