i do love these little people. and i love that last night they actually wanted to get their pictures taken. even cupcake- and cupcake never wants her picture taken. noticed the zombie- he never gets out of character not even for one picture. and batman- refused to be called anything other than of course batman. and the little witch- well she was all too darling making sure her hat stayed pointed just so. they are so fun and so different and we couldn't love them anymore.

{thriller-michael jackson}


Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Leslee, Vicki & I are all here looking at these great pictures of our darling little people. Thank you for spending some time with them and capturing these unforgettable moments.
We love you two...
We also wanted to say thanks for the fun doughnut game the kids are still talking about it!
Can't wait for more picture taking days!
Love ya...

Bingham Family said...

Adorable. I love Halloween!


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