she'd be california

so you've met my sister before. she's the one thats growing up too quickly. they are all seeming to do that lately. and as you can see she is the one with the cute boyfriend who looks like that celebrity (clue) who has a movie coming out next week. well we took round one of her senior pictures this week- while our first location was ruined i think these actually turned out better until that dork on the four wheeler got my shiny clean car all dirty. grrr. p.s- don't we all wish we had long legs like hers.

{she'd be california-rascal flatts}


Tia said...

wow i wish i looked like that. cute shoes too!

T-Ray said...

This is what i want to look like in my next life.

Quinci Cole said...

Amazing whit. They turned out way great! Carlee is so stunning. I think everyone would like to look like her!

Anonymous said...

what a lil super model! good job...and just to show how bad i am at hollywood, i still have no idea who he looks like. you should just come out and say it for my sake! ~grin~


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