looking back with you.

my mom has quite the christmas tree. on it you will find all seven of her children. you could line up all my ornaments and find the story of my life right there. every year we get a new ornament that holds a special meaning for us and that year. this year the drover, mr dog and myself are woody, buzz and rex from toy story. mostly because where you find one of us you find the other two. we are quite inseparable. oh and cause rex reminded my mom of mr. dog- its completely fitting for him. the personality and character of rex is so mr. dog. i always have fun showing the drover all my ornaments (of which 90% are dogs. wonder why?) and remembering my childhood. it’s a great tradition we can't wait to start with our kids some day.

{looking back with you-craig morgan}


Bingham Family said...

Jon and I started this same tradition the year we got married and just bought Addy her own first little ornament. I think it is such a fun tradition.

T-Ray said...

I love you and your family. You are all so amazing and wonderful.


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