that's love.

nope she's not ours. although we kinda secretly wish she was. she's so little and so cute. just look at those darling toes. we already just love her. meet our new little niece McCall. we are so glad she's here in time for christmas and that both her and her mommy are happy and healthy. look for more pictures cause her mom and i have big plans. p.s doesn't drover look so adorable with a baby in his arms.

{that's love-david st. romain}


CoreyandShanda said...

She is darling of course! I'm excited to see what fun pictures you will take of her!! :)

Meg and Brad said...

She could totally be his - check out the hair! How cute! You could make your own you know!!!!! Its totally legal! I feel like one of the commandments FOR YOU should be Thou Shalt Not Procrastinate!!


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