we didn't start the fire. 

we didn't start the fire. or the new years resolution craze. i actually prefer to call this my goals for 2010 rather than my resolutions. and i figured if i post them on here i will be less likely to forget them as the year wears on. so here we go. 
  • drink more water. i've officially given up the whole carbonation thing. after this years root canal i figure all the extra sugar isn't doing my teeth any good. eight glass a day. 
  • take more pictures. i know i know. i take a lot of pictures. but pictures are my way of keeping a journal of our life so the more the merrier. 
  • buy a new camera. upgrade needed. oh and i'll add the drovers new golf clubs to the list. 
  • spend as much time as possible with family. we are blessed because most of them live close. we need to take more advantage of this. 
  • buy bear spray. yes i want bear spray because this means we will be camping/hiking somewhere where there are large predatory animals and i will feel the need to arm myself. 
  • visit glacier national park. see this is where i'm going to use my new bear spray (well not hopefully use but have it incase its needed) and the handy new bear bells we got for christmas. 
  • get in better shape. my dreams of being in the kind of shape i was during high school soccer have long since diminished but i still would like to get back running. as soon as all the garbage clears out of the air. 
  • continue working on our house- inside complete. this year we tackle the backyard.
  • get mr. dogs therapy going in a new direction. hopefully physical therapy. he is such a good little volunteer.  
  • spend more time with the drover. doing things like relaxing and wearing our ridiculously bright and large slippers as pictured above. 
{we didn't start the fire-billy joel} 


T-Ray said...

So . . . . I am thinking that I would love to go camping with you all. And Mia. She would love it.

Tia said...

my favorite is "buy bear spray" LOL.


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