love this pain.

so i have this small problem. the drover would likely call it more of a fault. i have to always have a project. need to have a project. i've gotta be painting, creating, or editing something. and so begins this story. we have this third bedroom- which currently has the sole purpose of housing the drover clothes. since we have lived in our house i haven't been sure of what to do with it- it just sat there. bothering me. so i finally decided to paint it and turn it into a room i actually enjoyed. so saturday i painted. which naturally lead to sanding and staining the shelf. then sanding and staining picture frames. the drover installed a new light fixture. mr. dog covered his whole side in grey paint. and now... a room i like. goes with the theme of the house and is still manly enough for the drover to enjoy. i'm just happy to report walton (our dead stuffed chucker- a chucker is a  bird- and walton is an entirely different story in and of himself) hasn't yet made an appearance on the wall. hoping to keep it that way. just don't remind mr. dog or the drover he is missing.  

{love this pain- lady antebellum} 


Anonymous said...

wow, this looks beautiful! hey i have a nursery that you can come work on. want to?? ~grin~

Meg and Brad said...

I love the the new paint! It looks great!

Emily said...

How come my projects never turn out that good?? I love it! You have got a great eye for colors and decorations! I wish I could say my house was done...but three months later and we have like three things hung ;)

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

I love the color Whit!!
Are you up for blessing dress pictures?
I love ya!

Jon & Jen said...

Love it Whit! Great job. I don't know how else to get a hold of you... I haven't run into you at Primary's lately. Addy is nine months and I'm lookiing for someone to take her pics, hoping maybe you would be willing. What do you think?

corinne maybe... said...

Looks perfect Whit. No surprise. We need to come over and see all the other tricks you've done around the house. xoxoxo


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