lips of an angel. 

dear sister-in law i couldn't resist. i love this picture and she is just too beautiful. 

{lips of an angel-hinder} 


Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

I may be a bit partial! Yes, she is beautiful! Thank you for spending some time with us and taking some pictures!! Can't wait to see them!
Love you

CoreyandShanda said...

Love them Whit! You are so talented!!
We are going to be up the end of March and I would love for you to snap some shots of Hunter (and maybe a few family ones) would you be willing?
Hope everything is going well!!!

CoreyandShanda said...

Will you email me? I'm not sure if I have your right email..so we can work out getting together for pics!
I'm way excited!! :)

Lace said...

These are gorgeous Whit! So pretty!


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