forever road. 

i grew up going on many rides with my parents. mostly my dad. he is an adventurer and wanted to show us all the places he went as kid. now- i'm so glad the drover loves an adventure as much as i do. today (when we probably should have been doing yard work) we went for a drive. we took mr. dog who was very grumpy because he had to wear his seat belt (safety first) but after we found a park for him to play at his attitude turned right around. i took drover somewhere i had been as teenager and although he didn't believe me this story was true. it is in fact true and now he has seen it for himself. somehow i came home with only pictures of where we had been and none of myself and only one of the drover sitting in the car watching me mill around taking pictures. ether way enjoy our adventures from today. 

{forever road- darius rucker} 


Anonymous said...

jon has told me that same story for years, and since we are always driving to evanston i try to find the "walls" but am never successful! glad you found the story...lovely pictures!

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

I am happy you found this beautiful place. I think it would be so fun to have pictures here.
I am happy you had a fun day with your boys. We love you all.


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