we went on another ride today. (can i tell you how much i love the drovers summer break from school) again we really should have done yard work but i since i went to the dentist this morning and he made my mouth hurt. again. i voted no yard work just an adventure with my boys. we went all the way out here. and yes i mean all the way. whew it was quite a drive but the drover had never been and we needed somewhere to go and so we went. mr. dog came along and wasn't overly impressed by the trains. so that made three under impressed people and one with a toothache. but we got to spend the day together and thats what really matters- oh and we learned a little history. if anyone would like to suggest an interesting or pretty place to go around these parts please do (preferably one with a good photo op) we are currently running low on ideas. 

{ride-trace adkins} 

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T-Ray said...

Butterfield Canyon or Corner Canyon are amazing and beautiful. The backside of Timpanogos is also phenomenal. I would also give you a list of places down south but they are all 250-300 miles away.


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