we are home. and look where we have been. it was absolutely stunningly beautiful. i want to go back and stay forever. (as soon as i can talk the drover into it) we had so much fun. we logged two thousand miles on the new car. hiked some great trails. spent time on several different lakes. completed two items on my life list (more on that later) enjoyed the rain and sun. had one very humorous experience with bear spray. spent time at a ghost town. and a mystery house (yes its as odd as it sounds) took lots and lots of pictures. jumped into a freezing cold mountain lake- fully clothed. got a cold- got better. the drover didn't shave. (which i find totally irresistible) i came home with 16 mosquito bites. went to an awesome roadside flea market. spent time with family. saw a yellow bellied marmot among other wildlife. went river rafting. it was a great week. i have so many pictures and adventures to share but tonight i have laundry to tend to and one very sensitive mr. dog who missed his parents. 


Lisa and Lance said...

So jealous!! It sounds like an awesome adventure. I can't wait to see more pictures. I love it when my man gets scruffy too. Nothing but irresistible! :)

T-Ray said...

Welcome home


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