i don't think i've ever loved the drover more than the day he discovered this on the side of the road. it was a little slice of heaven. good thing we were on a time schedule for some family pictures or i could have stayed all day. we came home with a few treasures (some that had dead spiders in them) now i just really wish this place was closer so we could visit more often. 


Chelsea said...

Whit, I swear sometimes when I look at your blog it looks like you live in a different world than me. You go to all these neat places and your pictures are amazing. Looks like you guys are just loving life.

Meg and Brad said...

Agreed! I'm pretty sure you don't live here all the time. That's probably true. Where is this cool place? I want to go next time!

T-Ray said...

There is a place in Cedar City that is similar to this flea market you attended. My mom and I are suckers for the place. We try and sneak a visit in each time we head down south. We have found quite a bit of junk . . . but, we have also found treasures.
Love the pics


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