last night we were out taking pictures for a wedding at this beautiful temple. (congrats eric and kelly) it defiantly makes my top 5 list. and she had offered to keep mr. dog for a few hours so he could have a play date with his favorite dog friends. afterwards we took them both to the lake to run out some more energy. they were tired, wet and very sandy. (see below) needless to say they both got a cold hose bath outside before being aloud back in the house. it so was good to catch up with family and lounge on the beach for a few minutes. wish we lived closer.  

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T-Ray said...

I love the pics. And I wish like crazy you lived out here. We could meet up at the lake every night with our dog peeps. Thome and Mia would be in heaven. (Well, Mia is always in heaven when she is with Thome :) Please come again soon.


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