we have some of the most darling nieces. these pictures are proof. i'm so glad little pretzel here has finally consented to having her picture taken. she has become quite the little model. and baby mac- your equally as beautiful even if being stuck into a tub with soapy water was not your idea of good time. thanks for spending the evening with us "h" family.  and i must not forget the drover who carried our soapy water all the out to the middle of nowhere. thank you for playing part in one of my crazy ideas. love you all. 





...and then it wasn't fun anymore. 



Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

I love them!! I LOVE THEM!!
I am so excited! I can not wait to print them and hang them! I am so happy! I am super excited for family pictures too!
Love ya,

CoreyandShanda said...

Ummm....last picture is so so hilarious! I love that look she is giving the ducky!
You are so talented Miss Whitney! I always love your ideas!

Anonymous said...

adorable kids and great idea! i love the sunglasses and bubble blowing!


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