little "m" leaves three weeks from today. yikes. he is so grown up i can hardly believe it. with all this mission prep going on around it takes me right back to watching the drover get ready for his mission. (let me be honest- i'm seriously glad its not the drover going on a mission- once in a lifetime is plenty for me- thank you) however after watching the way a mission impacted the drover- i'm excited for everything little "m" is about to experience. and i can't wait to see the man he becomes. 





p.s i had fun taking your picture little "m" but i can't seem to get over the fact that your so afraid of a few horse flies. and the possibility of waking up a few snakes. 
love, your big sister 


Jenny & Spencer Wall said...

Yeah Miles! Whit these pictures are awesome.

Travis Meidell said...

Awesome pictures of MIles!--Tia


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