nothing says fall like going to a pumpkin patch and wandering the fields until you find that one perfect pumpkin. (or my case those 7 perfect pumpkins) well the moment we stepped out of the car- the rain started. (thank you-real life) no big deal right just a mild sprinkle. fast forward ten minutes and we are running back to the car in the bone soaking rain. plan b- spend the next hour at my dads waiting out the rain and enjoying his company. we then added another member to our team- little brother m. back to the pumpkin patch we went determined not to be deterred by the rain. it was wet. and boy was it muddy. but it was perfect. we had the entire patch to ourselves. and we got to send mr. dog on a private run through the kiddie hay maze. (he did remarkably well until he decided to bail over the wall) we also got to spend time with little m who is leaving shortly for his mission. it turned out to be everything i'd hoped for and more. a perfect fall outing. 






Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Fall is my FAVORITE!!
I like the one of Thome sticking his head out of the maze! Looks like fun! Nothing says Fall like a pumkin patch!

Raquel said...

You are an amazing photographer. I love the pictures you take and these pictures have gotten me excited for fall! I can't wait to see some of your pictures in the winter because I do not like the snow, but I know your pictures will cheer me up about it. =)

Jon & Jen said...

Whit, what pumpkin patch is this? I want to take Addy, but don't know where a good one is. Thanks.

Meg and Brad said...

This reminds me so much of Brad's dad's pumpkin patch at the Corn Maze. And FINALLY we are going this weekend - and you can bet I'll be back with 20 or so pumpkins!! (It helps when you don't have to pay for them!!!)


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