yes i wear gloves to carve pumpkins. and no its not because the guts gross me out. heaven knows i can handle a little dirt and grim. the insides make me itch. like crazy. so i wear gloves- problem solved. every year we get together with one of our big crazy families to carve pumpkins and eat cinnamon rolls. its beginning to become a bit of a competition (anyone remember the freakish baby pumpkin from 2 years ago) and of course the drover takes it all very seriously. this year i think the drover was the clear winner with his carving of a certain cheerios head coach from a certain tv show we've recently become addicted too. and come to think of it-i'm kinda getting the alfred hitchcock vibe from the black and white photos. and i'm kinda liking it. 



had this picture been in color you would notice how great my green and black witch socks are. 


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Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

It sure would be nice for this side of the family to have a few fun traditions!
I am very impressed with Hanky's pumpkin!
Hope to see you tomorrow...
Love you


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