today there were lots of tears. lots of hugs. and far too many goodbyes. we sent little "m" off. he is going to serve as missionary for our church for the next two years. and while the good far out weighs the bad it is still hard to say goodbye knowing the only form of communication you have for two years is letters, email, and 4 phone calls. missions happen to hit home for myself and drover. he was 19 and i was 18 when we put our full faith in the lord and each other and sent the drover off on his mission. its was hard. really hard. but look where we are now. and that speaks for itself. and while we will miss little "m". he was ready. you can see it in his eyes. 



p.s please excuse the blurry photos. it was snowing. and i was crying. 


Miss Bear said...

My brother is going to be home in May and the time went by pretty quickly!! Just remember to send him lots of goodies. I always did themed packages! :)

Meg and Brad said...

I can't believe he's officially gone! Let the countdown begin! He's going to be a great missionary!!


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