confession- the other night we wandered around a christmas tree lot with no actual intention of buying a tree. we have a perfectly fake tree sitting in our front room. mainly because i don't have a very good track record of keeping plants alive and i figured keeping a tree alive would be much harder so i better just stick with the perfectly fake one. however it doesn't stop me from driving by christmas tree lots and remembering the endless hours of picking out trees we did as kids. we'd run around the lots in our snowsuits throwing snowballs and causing general havoc. and then there were the years we'd gone to the mountains with ax in hand and chopped down our trees. they are all good memories. so i convinced the drover and mr. dog to go and aimlessly wander around with me. and i guess i'd better start working on my plant problem because the drover found the biggest tree in the lot and proclaimed one day we'll have a tree that large in our house. eek- a griswold family christmas here we come.  


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Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

I would love one of those flocked trees right this minute! ;)


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