I was watching a movie while running at the gym today and the main couple who had been married for 9 plus years were fighting over having babies, buying a bigger house, money etc. She said to him "i get so afraid our life 
is never going to start." And he said back to her...  

"We're already in our life.
It's already started. This is it."

And it struck me we're always waiting for or wanting something more. Too busy to stop and enjoy what is right now. When its just the two of us (plus mr. dog) in our little house with no babies and big dreams. So here is my new years resolution- 
enjoy our world just as it is now. 

hello world. 







Pretzel's World said...

I totally agree! Although I think I will still want for my house to sell, and still want for a house in Utah!
Yes, to pictures next week....

Miss Bear said...

I don't know that I can ever stop daydreaming about the future...but I do like living in the present! It is important to remember what you have now!! :)
Love your hat by the way...darling!!

Matt & Stacie said...

cute pics whit! makes me miss utah like crazy. i'll try and find some good in this desert place.. just for you.


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