Tuesday night mr. dog had his MRI and since he is a very loved little guy he was escorted by two wonderful doctors and myself to the university hospital. The doctors sedated mr. dog and then he got his very own set of ear plugs (MRI's are loud) and then he was put in the tube for his scans. (good this it wasn't me but i am so claustrophobic its not even funny) And your not going to believe this but there is only one iphone picture from the whole event- I was far too worried about the little guy to be much of a picture taker. And yesterday the results came back... 

 Changes in the supraspinatus tendon are consistent with chronic injury to the tendon in the attachment on the greater humeral tuberosity. Mild compression of the bicipital tendon in the intertubercular groove likely created by reactive change in the supraspinatus tendon in the attachment area on the greater humeral tuberosity.

And now in english. 
At some point he injured his supraspinatus tendon, and to try and make up for the damage his body is creating scar tissue constricting that tendon and his biceps tendon causing pain every time he reflexes his bicep muscles. Solution- to go in surgically with a scope and release the tension/scar tissue. And us we just relieved its something fixable. Now onto surgery followed by 6-8 weeks of rest. Ugh. 



the boy and girl. said...

Poor little guy!

Matt & Stacie said...

he looks like he knows whats next. hopefully this puts him back to normal.. and hopefully you don't have to pay a million dollars for it to happen. i showed matt a picture of your dog and he was sold.

T-Ray said...

Oh Thome :(
This makes me so sad. I hope they get you back into good shape soon.

Pretzel's World said...

Why did I not ever know you were hurt?
Thome we wish you well and a very speedy recovery!
We love you


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