It was an unlikely friendship. Her mom was a cheerleader and well i played soccer. She ran around with the drover's group of high school friends and when i became a steady part of the his life- she became part of mine. And i couldn't be more thankful. See she was there to scrape me off the ground when the drover left on his mission and she quickly became one of my best friends. We had many adventures together- snowmobiling, car dancing, muddy buddy making, picture taking, road tripping, country dancing fun. And now she is a mama (and a mama before me)- wow are we really that grown up? Little Reagen is gorgeous but then again so is her mama. 

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Meg and Brad said...

Oh my goodness these make me excited for 3-5 weeks from now!

Please put us on your schedule even though I don't have the exact date. Sometime between March 29th and April 12, barring nothing spontaneous happens.....


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