I doubt you'll find any set of parents more grateful for the safe arrival of their little one than these two. I can only begin to imagine how many prayers were sent on this tiny guys behalf. I firmly believe he had a very sweet and special angel looking out for him- and i think his parents would agree. Thanks for letting me capture your sweet little guy- Congratulations- he's perfect. 








Meg and Brad said...

I LOVE them! I can't wait to see more! Thank you thank you! I owe you big time.

(I bummed these off your blog and put them on mine by the way....he is mine though!)

Raquel said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

Brooks and Mandy said...

You did it again Whit! These pics are so dang cute. (the darling baby has most to do with it!) makes me need to come up with an excuse to get pics taken again! Love them!!!


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