This weekend some of our friends invited us to tag along with them to Old Ephraim's Mountain Man Rendezvous and of course we jumped at the chance for a new adventure (anything beats yard-work right?). I've been to a rendezvous when i was growing up but this was the drover's first experience of the true old west. And it defiantly didn't disappoint. We wandered the tents and purchased a handmade slingshot for the drover and i came away with some fancy knee high striped socks however i wish i would have brought home some of those beeswax candles. We did alot of people watching and enjoyed some homemade rootbeer and indian fry bread. It still amazes me that not many years ago mountain men were the people of the west. Its unreal how far things have come- however i quite enjoyed our little step back in time. 





(how to make an australian shepherd- accidentally cover a border collie in powdered sugar) 




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Jon & Jen said...

Where is this? Does it take place over every Memorial Day weekend? Looks fun.


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