Last week we headed up to mountains behind our house to watch our BIL and one of our littles in action on the motorcycle course. I'll admit i was quite impressed by both their skills- the BIL is quite the fearless jumper and little "m" is defiantly a dare devil. I'm hoping our future children stick with baseball and soccer- all that zipping, jumping and speed made me quite nervous.  


Emily said...

Oh man, I used to love riding up there! My brother bought the smallest motorcycles you could (50's) and my sister and I would ride and ride when we were like 12 & 14, so no major stunts, but fun none-the-less. Later we took Jeeps up there all the time.

I think I'm with you though, it's fun to watch but I hope my kids stick to soccer :)

J.C. & Tiana said...

is that Bry? M is so cute and so big I can't believe he can ride a that big machine. I can't believe les lets him ride that. Love the pic's as always!


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