Have you ever played loaded question? It by far is my favorite game- and that means a lot coming from me as i am a non-game playing person. Anyways I don't think i have ever laughed so hard in my entire life as i did playing loaded question. A few weekends ago we spent a few days in the mountains with my co-workers and their spouses. I can honestly say i love all my co-workers and my boss- I consider each one of them a great friend. We had such a great weekend "bonding" and enjoying the beautiful wilderness. Plus i really loved that each one of them missed their pups just as much as we missed mr. dog. Case and point we aren't the only crazy ones with dogs who are treated like children! 

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Miss Bear said...

You should also try Telestrations...not a board game, but so funny as well!
I love loaded questions so much...if only I could get my husband to love it too! :)


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