We're blessed to have 7 (soon to be 9) little ones in our life. And since we love these little people just about more than anything- we always try to find them memorable christmas presents. This year i came across the idea for fort building kits and i knew thats what we had to do! (seriously growing up we were always building forts- once we made one that covered the entire basement) So I thought i'd share our DYI version of a build your own fort kit! 

Rope (used to tie things- possibly blankets or possibly your siblings )

Lantern (great for reading AND those midnight bathroom breaks) 

S'mores (oh yeah- and so far this little jar of stickiness is getting rave reviews) 

I used chalkboard spray paint for the tops of the mason jars just to make them a little more personal!  

Flat sheet(s) (i sewed heavy ribbon on all the corners and midlines so it could easily be tied to bedposts and dressers- you know the important things)  

Clothes Pins (for added support)   

And we must not forget the most important part of fort building- getting to do it with all the little ones we love!   

If you interested in my tags just leave me a comment with your email and i'd be happy to send them right along! 


Brooke said...

That is so creative and cute!

J.C. & Tiana said...

Ok seriously that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Are you sure you didn't forget one for Georgia?

Shannon said...

Oh my. You are so dang creative. Can you be the aunt of my children one day?

Leslie said...

I would love these tags. My nephews will love this!

Thank you!


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