Its been one of those weeks. 
Physically i'm tired- emotionally i'm exhausted. My job (where i care for the four legged furry kind) went through big changes this week. We said goodbye to two wonderful friends and coworkers- whom are more like family. They are moving on- and so are we. After working together for 7 years its hard to say goodbye. We shed lots of tears- but change- change is good. 

and speaking of change... we decided to sell our house. why? hmmmm... change is good. And we are ready for a new adventure. New house- new city- sure why not?  

so in hopes of recovering from an dramatic week we spent today sleeping in later than i can remember, eating breakfast in bed, and lounging with family. But above everything else i feel blessed to have these two boys to love. 

whose ready for monday?!! 

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