The state fair always marks our official start to fall. Last weekend we got to enjoy it with one of our families- which always makes it more entertaining and fun! My favorite part is the animals and the drover goes for the fair games- yeah- i know- the games. And after unsuccessfully battling the ladder game he is convinced he is going to build one of those contraptions in our backyard so he can master it. Lucky me- huh. Overall it was a fantastic night that wouldn't be complete without a delicious sticky scone! 

My photo of our darling nephew (the one with the glasses) won a ribbon at the photography contest! Yeah! 

And i'm not exactly loving what 7 months pregnant looks like on the other end of the camera. But it sure is fun feeling this little lady move around! 


Chelsea said...

You look great whit! Fun pictures.

Ashley said...

Whit! I have been waiting for a belly shot. You look so cute pregnant!


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