Truth be told i'm having a hard time with baby clothes. I like things neutral and basic (like her nursery- pictures coming soon). And baby girl clothes are anything but neutral and basic- they have stuff all over them!! I'm really struggling with all the pink flowers, animals, and disney characters etc. So lately I've been on the search for baby girl clothes that are simple. So in attempt to be creative I dyed some white onesies. They were super easy and I really like how they turned out.

What you need:
White cotton onesies (3 pack for $8.99 at target) 
Fabric Dye (Rit powder was $2.29 at the fabric store) 

Fill your washing machine with HOT water- take the onesies of your choice (i choose one of each style and size to dye in each color) and get them wet with hot water. This is important to make sure the color spreads evenly. Before you put the onesies into the water mix the packet of dye into the hot water. Then drop (well carefully set so you don't get a huge splash) the onesies into the colored water. I let my sit in the water for 10 minutes before starting a normal wash cycle. Looking back I should have waited more like 30 minutes for the color to darken. After the wash cycle is done, run them through another cycle with cold water. I then ran them through one more cold water cycle with a tiny bit of laundry soap so that next time they are washed the colors won't bleed. And then they can ether be hung dry or put in the dryer. Simple enough. Now don't panic that your washing machine is a lovely shade of purple/green/blue. After your done dyeing the onesies just run an empty load on hot with a cup or so of bleach. And it will be sparkling new! 


Brooke said...

Hey! Check out andeelew.com It's a girl in my ward that owns it and the shirts and bodysuits are AWESOME! And they also wash really well. Just an idea to add to your great DIY project:)

Anonymous said...

What shade of rit dye did you use for the navy ish onesie on the right? I used navy rit to dye onesies for my soon to arrive baby boy and they are PURPLE! Thanks!


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