Getting to know you.... and us

Our Family

My darling husband... Hank

Our only child... Thome (toe-me). Named after Jim Thome of the Chicago

White Sox for all you baseball fans. We love him just as much as we

would if he were our own flesh and blood.

More Family Photos

Well here we go its our very own family blog! Thanks to a little

push from my dear cousin Tiana we have decided to join our large extended family of bloggers, if

nothing more than to keep up on all the family news. haha. Its our first blog so please

excuse the grammar, spelling errors, (grandma beattie would be so disappointed in me)

and all the other mess ups. Wish us the best of luck. We'll be seeing you all around!!!


J.C. & Tiana said...

I love it Whit you guys are so cute and I am so glad that you have decided to keep everyone updated on your lives. I love Tome his dino costume was the cutest ever. Lets do dinner again some time soon.

Meg & Brad said...

Grandma Beattie would be SO disapointed! You're blog is so cute though. I just love it! And we do need to go to dinner again soon. Way cute pics!! And you call me to!

The Uzelac's said...


Oh how I love your blog!!! It is darling. You two are so dang hot!!!


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