Thomes cousin spike came to stay the night at our house
because his parents are on a cruise. Thome loves Spike
but wasn't sure he wanted to share his new bed quite yet.

Twin skull t-shirts.....what could be more perfect for two trouble makers.

After some fun with Spike, Thome made his way back to the TV
to watch the Jazz game. (He loves to watch any sport that involves a ball)

Thome was so happy Spike got to sleepover at our house.

Come back soon!!!


J.C. & Tiana said...

I love there matching shirts those are so cute you have got to tell me where you shop cause I am feeling those for our family christmas card for Gunner and Shave.

The Hutchins said...

hahaha. The matching shirts came from petco in Bountiful. They were halloween left overs a total bargin at $2.00 a piece. Can't be beat that!!!! They might have more but if not you can borrow Thomes anytime.

Meg & Brad said...

The shirts are way cute - as is your place from the pics I can see! I need to come see the actually one sometime! That would be fun! We should do dinner sometime soon! So CALL me and lets plan something!

The Uzelac's said...

the scull shirts are to die for. I should probably borrow them for Kaylie and Connor. Jk

T-Ray said...

Hi Whitney..lovin' your blog...I think I need to try starting mine...love ya Aunt Cindee


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