Alright I stole the idea from my sweet cousin, Trisha's Blog and i thought it would be fun to try my hand at our own Hutchins Family ABC's......

A is for........ Aperture. We are learning so much about our new SLR camera.

B is for...... Boys. I am totaly outnumbered but i love both Hank and Thome dearly.

C is for... Cleaning. How i absolutly love a clean house.

D is for... Deer. We have our own little herd that visits our yard every night. Lately they have made a game of scaring Hank at 5 in morning on his way to work. They seem to enjoy

"sneaking" up on him.

E is for.... Escape. We love our little four-wheeled drive SUV.

F is for.... Family. We have our little one. And we have our big ones. We love you all.

G is for.... "Ghost Hunters". We are totally obsessed with the Ghost Hunters TV show. We buy the seasons and watch an episode every night. And now every night i go to bed thinking our house is haunted!

H is for.... Hank!!! My sweet husband thinks "someday" we will have a Hank Gregory Hutchins the Second. Not going to happen, dear. No Hank Jr. or Hank the seconds.

Children need thier own names.

I is for.... Icicle. I have been trying to let the Iciciles on our front porch grow to great lenghts but when someone comes to visit they always end up knocking them off. Grrr...

J is for.... Jam. We accidently got strawberry jelly at the store instead of jam. We are defiantly both Jam people.

K is for... Kisses. Quick, Slow, Long, Wet and Slobbery (from the dog), Hello and Goodbye etc etc. We like them all.

L is for... Love. We've got lots of it.

M is for... Mia. Our cute little house guest!

N is for.... Nieces and Nephews. We love all of ours. Mason, Presley, Zak and Myah!!!

O is for...Obessed. Hanks with baseball. Thome with tennis balls. And me with decorating.

P is for..... Pictures! We love them. We display them everywhere. And are currently taking lots and lots more.

Q is for... Quiet. Does that really happen? I haven't heard it in a while.

R is for... Roast. Its Hanks favorite and we are having it for dinner tonight.

S is for.... Seattle. We are so excited for our trip in May.

T is for.... Thome. Who Else!!!!

U is for... Utah. We love it here. We even love the mounds and mounds of snow! Hey at least its not 103 degrees outside yet!

V is for... Valentines Day! We celebrated ours last weekend because Hank is having his wisdom teeth this thursday the 14th. Happy Valentines Day to me.

W is for... White Sox. Need i say more.

X is for... X-rays. May i personally thank the inventor of digital x-ray. It sure makes my job a lot easier. Animals just do not hold still for longer than 1 second.

Y is for..... Yellowstone. Our second home.

Z is for.... Zoo. We visited Hogel Zoo this year and if i may say so Hogel Zoo has come along way since i was last there in 4th grade. At least now the Tigers are not kept in concrete cages.

And now i know my ABC's next time won't you sing with me....

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T-Ray said...

You are so stinkin' awesome. I love you guys.


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