Bowling 101.....

When the whole Hutchins family gets together naturally they always want to go bowling. Before we even arrive at the alley Hank and Brian start throwing threats back and forth and then somehow Cody gets in the middle of it... but more often than not the champion is almost always grandpa Greg. I consider myself sporty, i like sports, i played soccer for many many years, i hold my own with football picks and i am pretty up to date on all the major sports happenings but for some reason i am not a bowler. Maybe it was the daycare/prison me and Travis attended as children when my mom had her Thursday morning leagues, i don't understand why throwing a dirty ball onto a wood floor trying to knock over some pins is quite so fun. But since the whole family was going i certainly would not hold them back. So i went and it was fun but mostly it was a great opportunity for pictures. Here some are....

Mason throwing the ball with all his might!

Grandpa Greg strutting his stuff!

Like father like son. Notice the foot!

Zak was very series about drying his hands with the air just like grandpa and uncle hank. He even threw in a leg move at the end of his turns. My camera ran out of battery before i got a picture of it. Too CUTE!!

Such a darling girl! Miss Myah is always good for laughs!

Aunt Holly teaching Myah how to bowl.

Notice the pink crocs. Myah told us the bowling shoes did not match her outfit and she refused to wear them! A fashion queen in the making.

Us with our Nieces and Nephews- minus Presley who as stuck in school. We missed her!!

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