The Fielding Garr Ranch........

As promised here are more pictures from our trip to antelope island! Theres a little farm/ ranch on the far side of the island. It felt like a step back in time. I loved it!!!

Yes we had little miss mia exploring with us that day. Here she is insisting on dragging a large branch everywhere with us. Giving me the evil glare because i made her leave it there. Funny Girl!

The cute butts- Of my favorite boys!

The overview of the ranch!

Sweet old timer ford truck!

I challenged hank to roping a stationary cow- thinking that since i spent a few summers on a farm in Idaho (thanks dad) i should be able to remember how to rope a cow. Nope- lost all my skill somewhere along the way. I felt like a total fish out of water!

My city boy husband roping the cow with ease. Hasn't been a day in his life around any kind of farm animal let alone roping cows and he does it perfect first try. Grrrr- dang city slicker.

Thome deep in thought......" blah blah thome blah blah sit blah stay blah blah thome"

We recommend Antelope Island as a great day adventure for everyone!!!


Luke & Natalie said...

Whitney, It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Your dog is so cute! I love animals. I think they can bring so much joy to life - as I'm sure children will someday. Ilove being able to see what you are up to and I'm glad you guys are doing well.

The Uzelac's said...

IIIIIIIIIIII love this post! Who knew that you could have so much freaking fun right in our own back yard. You guys are so stinking cute with your puppies. I just love the two of you together. Meant to be.

Meg & Brad said...

The Island's a little far away for just a quick jaunt up the coast....it definitely needs prior planning and $ saved for gas!! Although - i've been there on a tour - and did have a good time! The food out there isn't to shabby either!

Chris & Tarisa Todd Family said...

Of course I remember you! That's rad you are all married and everything..to the man you talked about all the time in Chemistry!!


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